LiveDiligence risk and status maps dramatically cut time to insight

LiveDiligence launches innovative risk and status map functionality to slash time to insight

June 14, 2023


“Focus and simplicity...once you get there, you can move mountains.” Steve Jobs

Steve’s advice applies to due diligence just much as it does to iPhones. We all know the due diligence process can get messy, making it hard to cut through the noise and focus on what’s important.

How simple is it for busy clients to understand the risk profile of their investment? Can it be done in seconds or does it takes hours of reading?

How easy is it for clients to focus on what matters to them? Can they explore, analyse and interact with findings directly, or are they left to figure it out?

A key insight we have learned from talking with many due diligence professionals is the challenge of delivering work that is simultaneously rigorous and succinct, both in-depth and easy to digest.

This led us to develop Risk Map and Status Map for LiveDiligence. A beautifully simple way to visualise an entire project on one page and navigate to the details in a single click.

Since launching a few weeks ago we have been amazed by the feedback. Teams tell us it really helps them understand what’s going on across their projects, project managers are using it to run their weekly status calls and clients love it because they can complete their review so much quicker.

"The LiveDiligence platform is super convenient to use - I love how we can filter the review and easily extract information.‍" Laura Pasini, Senior Investment Associate, Octopus Energy Generation.

LiveDiligence Risk Map and Status Map: a simple way to focus on what’s important on due diligence projects.

If you are interested in giving it a try, we’d love to hear from you.