Goal scoring, time to insight, and why you might be paying too much for your due diligence advice

Goal scoring, time to insight, and why you might be paying too much for your due diligence advice

June 22, 2023


Erling Haaland, the Manchester City striker finished this year’s premier league season with a record breaking 36 goals from 35 games. He scored a goal every 77 minutes he was on the pitch. He is incredibly efficient at delivering value.

You should expect the same from your due diligence advisors.

Instead of goals, you are paying your advisors for insights. The faster and earlier you can take action on those the better. If you find yourself slogging through dense reports to find actionable insights, then you are paying a high price. You are paying with your time - the most precious non-renewable resource you have.

What is the ROI of each minute you spend reading a due diligence report?

If you read a lot of due diligence reports, try this 60 second test: start reading a report and after 20 seconds stop and write down what you know about the risk profile of the project; read for another 20 seconds, now write down the top three risks and their mitigations; read for 20 seconds more and write down the how many risks are still open and how many are blocked waiting for input.

That’s one minute of reading.

Can you answer these questions in 60 seconds? We think you should be able to.

Our research shows that a top frustration among clients is how long it takes them to read the report and extract meaningful actions. Clients want tools that help them focus quickly on what’s important so they can take action and close projects.

We built the LiveDiligence Risk Map and Status Map to address this key frustration and help advisors deliver insights much more efficiently to their clients.

For the first time we have made it possible to view the entire risk profile and status of a project on a single page. This visualisation gives you a detailed understanding of a project’s risk distribution in seconds. With a single click, readers can see how these risks are distributed across different due diligence review topics and delve into the details for context and recommendations. They can even add their comments and questions as they go.

The best part is all of these benefits come with no additional effort for advisors. In fact, by removing the time consuming work of duplicating key risks in an executive summary and trying to keep these constantly up to date, advisors can work even faster.

Finding advisors that can deliver league leading insights per minute is like having the best striker on your side. Seek them out and they’ll repay you handsomely.

If you are in the business of reading or writing due diligence reports and want to explore a better way of working, we’d love to hear from you.

Photo: Dan Asaki on Unsplash